Okanagan Photographer, Jo Johnson has the perfect combination of experience, creativity, and humor to produce images that will make your heart sing and your cheeks hurt every time you look at them. She’s professional, fresh and fun and she knows how to bring out the best in everyone she shoots. If you’re getting married, have ever thought about having a boudoir shoot, or looking for someone to take your family photos, call Jo and chat her up. Ya’ll will make magic together!

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Fresh and Fun Wedding, Boudoir, and Family Photos by Vernon Photographer, Jo Johnson

So, you’re getting married! I’m not gonna blow smoke up your a$$ and pretend that I shoot weddings because I’m in love with love. No, I’m in love with real life and capturing as many real moments as I can on your wedding day. I’ve been shooting weddings for 11 years and I’ve shot it all – excitement, laughter, tears, joy, hilarity, anticipation, and, yes, love. I don’t want to just shoot the gooey moments (even though they are obviously radtastical), I want to be there to shoot all of it, so you can look back on your wedding pics for the rest of your life and instantly feel everything you felt on the day you got married…unless drunk Aunt Karen falls and knocks over your cake…ain’t nobody gonna wanna remember that!

Or how about taking some time to remember the flawless queen you are! Boudoir photography is one of the most amazing ways for a woman to celebrate herself. We, women, spend wayyyy too much time comparing ourselves to others, focusing on our flaws and telling ourselves stories of how much better we will be after we do a bunch of stuff to change.  We all do it and sometimes we need a good metaphorical slap upside the head to be less hard on ourselves and look at our bodies and wobbly bits and say, “Damn, girl! You are gorgeous!” I live to figuratively slap people with their boudoir photos and remind them to chill out on the negative body talk. You have one skin and I want to show you how to love it at any stage in your life.

Do you love a well-posed, perfect family photo? Well, I’m definitely NOT the photographer for you then. Families are crazy and chaotic and challenging -full of love and anger and everything in between, but through it all, we can still enjoy the wild ride. Family photos are THE BEST way to take a snapshot of where you are at – to capture all the chaos and love and hysterical giggles or pouty faces- before everything changes in a blink. If you want to laugh until your cheeks hurt and also grab some quiet, beautiful, gooey moments with your family (including your pets), hit me up for a session. I live to capture your crazy!

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