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Jo Johnson

Photographer. Writer. Editor.

Negativity Ninja. Spiritual Gangster. 

Jo Johnson

Vernon Photographer, Writer & Editor

I’m a bit quirky and a little crazy beans, but it’s part of my charm!

I don’t spend all of my time taking photos!

I get really restless if I spend too much time focused on one creative outlet, so these days I change it up with photography, writing, editing, and -totally random- woodworking.

I was a full-time professional photographer for 10 years before I decided to branch out and start writing and editing for other companies and independent authors. I now spend pretty much all of my time exercising my creative brain in a bunch of different ways and it keeps me on my toes and exceedingly happy.

The one motto I live by is “laughter is the best medicine” and no matter what is going on in my life, you can bet your booty that I’m looking for the humorous side of it.

Read on to discover more about me or click on that video to see me in action!

Meet Jo

I have two degrees, a B.A. in Psychology/English and a BSc. in Chemistry, and I’m working on a Masters in Publishing right now, but had I known when I was younger that I was a total creative, I would have skipped university and took a trade, possibly Carpentry, so I could build things. I love working with my hands and often help my guy, Greg, out in his woodworking shop while he’s making beautiful, hand-crafted, solid wood furniture such as beds, tables, linen chests, and a whole assortment of other coolness. You should check him out at

My ex-husband and I had a beautiful baby daughter who passed away, suddenly, in 2010. Life since then has followed an extremely winding path of soul growth and learning to overcome grief. It’s nearly seven years later and I am in such a different, and much better, place than I have ever been. What doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger and I am blessed to have had such a perspective-changing experience. It has turned me into what I like to think of as a Spiritual Gangsta and I have learned how to live in the moment, let go of stress, look for the bright side of everything, and remember how fortunate been to have such amazing people, like my daughter, in my life (even for such a brief time).

I live to make clients laugh and, admittedly, cry, so when they are delighted to see their finished photos, it always reinforces my creative drive and pushes me harder to keep getting those amazing emotional reactions. As an aside, I don’t do “formal” portraits. I suppose I would if I were shooting the Queen or something, but most people don’t spend their lives being formal. When I shoot, it’s relaxed and fun and there’s no room for stuffy, old-fashioned “we are the perfect family (or couple or whatever)” kind of photos. We are going to laugh hysterically and your kids may even have meltdowns because they are tired, cold, hungry, or whatever during a family session. It’s going to be real life and, trust me, you are going to LOVE it and cherish those pics forever. Quality photos come from quality moments and those are exactly what I look for when shooting.

  • I died, briefly, on March 14, 2014 (after many long years being lost in grief over the loss of our daughter and carrying around way too much stress) and had an amazing and life-changing Near Death Experience. I saw and felt all of the people I have ever loved and lost (including my mom and daughter) and a whole lot more. It was the craziest, uplifting, life-changing, soul-awakening experience I’ve ever had and I wouldn’t change any of it for anything.
  • I am extremely intuitive. I see things before they happen, know what’s going on in people’s lives before I speak to them, and hear messages from my loved ones and others from the other side on a regular basis – both while awake and in my dreams. Sometimes I pass on the messages to others, but most of the time I just acknowledge what I’ve heard or seen and wait for it to play out in life. And, amazingly, it always does, in one form or another. I still get giddy every time a message from the other side proves true.
  • I’m used to be a die-hard athlete, playing sports my entire life and, recently, I retired after six years of playing Roller Derby. It was the toughest game I have every played, mentally and physically, but one of the best sports I have ever been involved with. Talk about digging in and focusing. I started the Tournament City Derby Dolls league in Kamloops, BC, and ran it for two years before I moved on to play with three other teams in the Okanagan. Derby was one of the best and toughest experiences in my adult life, but it was totally worth it (even with a few broken bones and some body parts that will now never be the same). After retiring, I decided to also quit the gym (after being a gym rat most of my adult life) and finally give my body a well-deserved “rest”. I’m currently doing an experiment with Yoga to see where I can take my body if I stay out of the gym and only do yoga for 365 days. I can’t wait to see where a year of yoga will take me!
  • I find driving in snowy/icy conditions relaxing. I’m quirky.
  • My curiosity about the world and life is insatiable. If I don’t keep my brain occupied, I get cranky and stagnant, so I have a bazillion things on the go at once, all the time. This aspect of my personality has also been referred to, and diagnosed as, ADHD, but whatever. You gotta do what you can with what you’ve got and I’m rocking that ADHD crap! It’s part of the reason I have such an amazing creative brain. I’m always energetic and always creative. BOOM!
  • I laugh at myself regularly. I believe if I take life too seriously, it gets too difficult to deal with. Keep it light and it will keep flowing in a positive direction.


  • I feel most at peace and grounded when I’m near bodies of water. I moved from Kamloops to the Okanagan so I could be closer to all the large bodies of water, such as Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake and Mabel Lake. It has worked so well for me as I am calmer than I have ever been.
  • I am an extroverted introvert. I can easily entertain a huge crowd or stay at home for days and talk to no one. Quirky.
  • I have a potty mouth. If you’re hanging out with me, please prepare your $%#%ing self!
  • I have an amazing border collie/yellow lab cross named Juno. He runs on a treadmill, does all sorts of cool tricks and knows at least 60 (if not more) different words. He brings sunshine into people’s lives every single day.
  • When I’m not writing for work, I’m writing for myself. I have dozens of full journals, just waiting to be turned into a memoir someday and I have written hundreds of personal blogs about anything and everything that feels interesting to me. I’m also halfway through a book about how losing my daughter burnt me to ashes and allowed to me rise up again, as a phoenix, to become stronger and more connected than ever before. Someday I’ll finish the book and I hope it will help a ton of people who are experiencing the same kind of loss and give them hope that they will find their way through their grief.

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