Soul Guides, Channeling and Change

Do you know that anyone can access their soul guides? All you have to do is practice listening until you get really good at hearing them! And, Holy Shitsnacks! Do you feel all the turmoil and upheaval and change floating around in the air these days? The energy in the...

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Gut Instinct: Listen to that, not the “experts”.

Gut instinct. So often we ignore it and do what others tell us we should be doing, molding ourselves into a box we just don't fit inside. I say fuck the box. Get out there, listen to your gut, and breathe it all in. So many business experts preach that, in order to be...

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Gratitude and Coming Home.

Gratitude is a funny little animal and I always find that when I'm not actively looking for it, it rears its head in my life anyway. I think a lot of us plod through our lives feeling drastically out of place, even when everything--from society's take anyway--seems...

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A Decade of Weddings Revisited

Oh, weddings! How I've missed you! A few months ago, when I sat down with the intention to choose my favorite wedding photos from the last 10 years and blog about them, I had no idea it would turn into such an emotional roller coaster. I found myself laughing...

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Letting go of toxic people.

I lost my shit yesterday, on one of my long-time friends, over something that was absolutely none of my business and, when I finally came up for air, I realized that I felt a huge sense of relief and no remorse. It took me all night to process why I didn’t feel awful...

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The Magic of Water: A scientific study of Gratitude

Good Morning! I’m so grateful to connect with you today! Before you read this blog, I encourage you to take five minutes to watch this short video about Dr. Masaru Emoto (a Japanese scientist) and the mind-blowing magic that is water!

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I’m on a spiritual learning curve, muthaf*#kas!

Let's have a quick chat about Auras because, well, they’re a colorful topic. (Wuh Wuhhhh) I've been suppressing my spiritual side around my business because sometimes I say shit about it and people think I'm a whackjob and don't hire me. However, the two are so...

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Joy should never have guilt attached to it.

I’ve been mostly MIA on my blog for nearly two years, but up until a week ago, I really didn’t know how to explain my absence to anyone. I wasn’t ready...until now. Let me backtrack a bit: On June 3, 2010, our beloved newborn, Cora Jane, died after picking up...

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Today Would Be Cora’s 6th Birthday. Time flies.

Life, like childbirth, can be simultaneously painfully messy and beautifully rewarding. We walk the paths we are meant to walk, even when they cause astronomical amounts of pain, because those paths lead to growth and new awareness. All we have to do is trust the...

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Rescuing Animals is Heart-breaking Work.

Buddhist’s say that the path to all suffering is paved with attachments. The more you attach yourself to something, the more likely you are to suffer if you lose it. So, to avoid suffering, you simply avoid attachments. What, the fuck, ever. I love animals more than...

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Just Be Yourself, Dumb Ass!

One of my favourite Boudoir photographers these days is Ewan Phelan from Toronto. When I first stumbled upon his photos on Instagram, I was blown away by his images. Dark, mysterious, powerful and completely lust-provoking. His images made me want to rip someone's...

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