Boudoir Photographer in Vernon

Come and celebrate your sexy self with a Boudoir Photography session in Vernon, BC.

We women are always so hard on ourselves, but I can tell you that a boudoir session makes EVERY woman feel absolutely gorgeous, super jacked, and ready to take on the world! Sometimes all it takes to change our entire outlook about ourselves is a little pampering and a leap of faith into the unknown.

Boudoir photography isn’t about being a model or having the fittest, most beautiful body around. It’s not about having a perfect shape or rocking out lingerie like a Victoria’s Secret model. No, it’s about being able to look at yourself and love and accept who you are right now, at any shape or size, at any given time. It’s about being able to look at a photograph of yourself and saying, “Dayyyyyyum, girl! Look at you!” This is the BEST way for a woman to learn to see the beautiful parts of herself, not pick out the flaws or focus on that “I wish my body didn’t have this or that” kind of crap. You don’t have to wait until you lose five pounds or your skin clears up or you get in better shape. The best way to learn to love yourself – beauty and flaws together – is to roll with the journey that you (and your body) are taking together.

And NO, you don’t have to wear lingerie or get naked. This kind of session is more about feeling empowered and inspired and less about what you wear or don’t wear.

You can keep all your clothes on, wear lingerie, or get naked and dance under the moon. However you choose to celebrate yourself, I want to celebrate with you and help you get reacquainted with your inherent and divine feminine beauty.

Call me today and we can chat about all the amazeballs results you can expect from one of these sessions. As one of my fave photographer’s, Christa Meola, always says, “I LOVE Boudie Calls!”